Clear Span Frame Marquees

CarpetChandelier Lighting Option
6m x 5m3545£220.00£120.00£70.00£45.00
6m x 10m5570£310.00£150.00£100.00£60.00
6m x 13m7085£390.00£190.00£130.00£90.00
6m x 15m80100£480.00£240.00£180.00£110.00
9m x 5m3060£240.00£130.00£100.00£50.00
9m x 10m70110£320.00£170.00£140.00£95.00
9m x 13m90120£400.00£220.00£180.00£110.00
9m x 15m105140£480.00£280.00£200.00£130.00
9m x 18m120160£570.00£340.00£220.00£140.00
9m x 20m140180£650.00£360.00£240.00£160.00
9m x 23m160200£690.00£390.00£260.00£180.00
9m x 25m180220£750.00£440.00£280.00£190.00
9m x 28m200240£820.00£470.00£300.00£210.00
9m x 30m220280£900.00£520.00£320.00£220.00
12m x 6m7075£400.00£200.00£130.00£75.00
12m x 9m120120£500.00£250.00£170.00£90.00
12m x 12m140160£600.00£300.00£210.00£120.00
12m x 15m180200£700.00£350.00£260.00£170.00
12m x 18m210240£800.00£400.00£310.00£180.00
12m x 21m240280£900.00£450.00£350.00£200.00
12m x 24m270320£1,000.00£500.00£410.00£220.00
12m x 27m300360£1,100.00£550.00£460.00£240.00
12m x 30m330400£1,200.00£600.00£520.00£270.00

Capri Marquees

Size (feet)Maximum SeatedStanding BuffetMarquee PricePea lights around ArchesMattingFloor uplighters
28′ x 38′7090£295.00£65.00£125.00£90.00
28′ x 28′5070£250.00£50.00£100.00£60.00
30′ x 20′5060£250.00£50.00£100.00£60.00
20′ x 20′3040£180.00£40.00£80.00£40.00

Chinese Hat Marquees

Size (metres)Maximum SeatedStanding BuffetMarquee PricePleated LiningMattingChandelier Lighting Option
3m x 3m1020£150.00£70.00£40.00£45.00
5m x 5m2835£200.00£90.00£60.00£45.00
6m x 6m3545£240.00£110.00£80.00£45.00
6m x 12m6590£480.00£210.00£130.00£90.00
6m x 18m90140£720.00£310.00£170.00£135.00

Marquee Furniture & Accessories

3′ Round Tableeach£5.00
4′ Round Tableeach£6.00
5′ Round Tableeach£7.00
5’6″ Round Tableeach£8.50
Curved Top Table seating upto 12each£25.00
6′ Trestle Table (6′ x 2’6″)each£5.00
Cake Tableeach£5.00
Tall Cocktail Posuer Table (silver & glass tops)each£12.50
LED Posuer Table (coloured with lycra covers)each£35.00
Stools (silver legs & white seat)each£7.50
White Plastic Bistro Dining Chaireach£1.25
White Plastic Bistro Dining Chair with Black Seat Padeach£1.75
Limewash, White, Silver, Natural Wood Banquet Chairs with a coloured seat padeach£2.95
Baby High Chairseach£10.00
Coat Rail & Hangerseach£10.00
Wooden Parquet Dance Floor with Chamfered Edging (all sizes)sq. ft£0.60
Black & White Dance Floor with Chamfered Edging (all sizes)sq. ft£1.00
white led Dance Floor with Chamfered Edging (all sizes)sq. ft£POA
Stage Panels 8′ x 4′ x 1′ Higheach£25.00
White 5′ Contemporary Bar Unit with LED lightingeach£60.00
Indirect Heater with Thermostateach£170.00
Georgeon Window walls (Clearspan & Chinese Hat Marquee)each£20.00
Double French Doorseach£100.00
Halogen Lighteach£10.00
Floor Mounted Spot Lights (LED coloured)each£12.50
Large Crystal Chandeliers (LED coloured)each£100.00
Mirror Ball (motorized)each£55.00
Halogen Light on Tripodeach£18.00
Garden flood lights (LED coloured)each£20.00
Black LED Star Cloth (5m x 9m)each£225.00
Black LED Star Cloth (5m x 6m)each£200.00
White Faux Leather Sofaeach£95.00
Black or Cream or White cube seatingeach£10.00
Black or Cream Bean bagseach£10.00
White LED Coffee tables (LED coloured)each£35.00
Floorboarding under carpetsq. ft£0.20

Other items are available on request. Please contact us for further details. All prices subject to VAT. Please read the Conditions of Hire If you are organising a wedding have a look at the new Wedding Package Deals.